Creating Headers

Is there anyway to create section headers to separate the tasks under the main section? I am not referring to subtasks. Like the photo.

Welcome, @Ashley_Maurer,

First, this is a very old screenshot when sections (like “Short-erm vendors:”) were rendered in boldface with underscore; now they’re just rendered in boldface, no underscore.

Second, what you refer to as “main sections” are sort group headings, not sections. Here’s a screenshot I took tonight:

This is very much like your image in that there are two levels of heading where the first is from a single-select custom field (Pending, Active in your case; Web, Email campaign in mine), and the second level are actual manually input sections.

This is achieved with the following:

That a sort on a single-select custom field (Type of request), and crucially, Sort within sections is turned off–that creates the two levels.

Hope that helps,


Thank you for the quick reply and helpful explanation. The screenshot is from this Asana resource:

However, when clicking “Create Your Template” I did realize this template does not actually exist in the Asana curated templates. This is not the first template I’ve run into that no longer exists. Have they been removed by Asana or am I looking in the wrong place? TIA!

@Forum-team, Can you pass this info on to the appropriate folks, or should @Ashley_Maurer create a new Report a Bug ?



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