Creating Asana forms/workflows programatically?

Hi, I want to create a very complex form that is just pure pain to create manually.

I was looking into API, but I wasn’t able to find any documentation on Forms/Workflows API

Then I looked into project Import/Export, because I thought I could just fake the import data and then do the import step manually, but I could not find how to import/export forms/workflows.

Is the documentation somewhere hidden? Do you have a better idea how to solve this?


Sorry, @fprochazka_sm, It’s not possible to do these things programmatically or via file import.


Do you have any plans to allow it?


I haven’t heard of imminent work planned by Asana in this area.

You might want to follow this if you’d like to see what’s new/coming:



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I am also interested in this feature - create form programmatically.