Creating a team via Asana iOS app



I’d attempted to find a feature in app, read the guide and whatever I could find on the Internet, but stil, hadn’t found the way to create a team in Asana iOS app (for iPad). Is there any? If not, is there is reason other then missing feature?


Hi @Myroslav_Opyr! At the moment, Teams can only be created from a computer. We are still working on improving our mobile apps and this is definitely something we could introduce in the future, but for the time being, I would recommend to create your Teams directly from our web platform. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for the feedback, we really appreciate it!


Any update on creating teams from the ios app?


Please vote for the fetature, if you do not vote, there is little chance it’ll be implemented sooner. Voting is influencing backlog prioritization.


Hi @Sean_Blanford! I don’t have any update at the moment, but I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I do!


I’d like to see this on iOS phone. I do most of my management from my phone, so not having this feels crippling. I have to create a task for myself to remember to create the team later when I’m at a computer.


It is ridiculous that one cannot create a team using iOS. Is the Asana back end really this weak and underdeveloped?


I might have found a way to do that even though its time taking and crude.

In iOS, open asana on safari and select ‘request desktop site’ from the button which we use to share things on ios. There the desktop version of asana open. Using this we can create new teams the way we want to.


Thanks for sharing your workaround @Viral_Parmar :+1:t3:


@Viral_Parmar Thank you for that workaround, it worked perfect in Chrome as well.