Asana Release Notes October 2018

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Please find below Asana’s release notes for the month of October:

  • Updated inline task creation for iOS: You can now set custom field values when you create a task inline in our iOS app. With less steps to create a task, you’ll have more time to get work done!
  • Add / Create / Remove teams from a division: As an admin, you can now add and remove teams from your division right within Asana so it’s easier to manage members.
  • Asana for Outlook: You can now turn your emails in Outlook into actionable, trackable tasks in Asana without leaving your inbox. Learn how
  • Homepage and team pages: It’s now easier to access the projects you care about and stay up to date with your team members from the moment you land in Asana with your new Homepage and improved team pages. Learn more

More info :point_right: Asana Release Notes | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide


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Really great to hear that we now have the ability to manage teams!