Creating Teams / adding projects to specific team in the iOS app

Right now I have a weird problem on the iOS app, where I can’t add Teams. Is this going to be added in future?

Also, when I create a project I can’t add it to a specific team. It seems to add the project to the top most team in the Teams list when looking at the desktop app view.

On a more general note, it seems the iOS is lacking some key features which makes organizing on the go simply impractical. Not necessarily the timeline view (which I know is being developed), but a lot of other small things as well. It would be good to hear what is happening there and if there will be a more uniform alignment across platforms.

Hello @CreativeNorthMedia,
You can vote for being able to create a team via the app on this feedback request thread:

Now to create a project and add it to a team via the iOS Asana applying can do so when going to „home“ then bottom right click on „New Project“

And yes you are correct for the mobile version a bunch of features are not available.

I recommend looking through some feedback requests threads here in the forum such as

Also have a look out at the product launches. Just recently this update was released