Creating a task in a project with HTTP Post

May be a dumb question; I’m very new to this.

I’m building an integration using iPaaS software, and unless I use up one of my connectors, the only way to get an error alert outside the software is using HTTP POST where the only parameter I enter is an endpoint URL. I’m wondering if there is a way to put an Asana URL so that the post will create a task in a specific project.


There is no dumb question :slight_smile: so you want to know how to create an Asana task using the API, is that it? :thinking:

Yes …but to be honest the mechanisms are a bit fuzzy to me. The iPaaS will generate JSON describing the error, but wants me to provide a URL to post it to. It reminded me of how I can create a task in a project in Asana by sending to x+project, and I wondered if I could do a similar thing with a URL. I started poking through the Asana API documentation, and I understand how to use a URL to retrieve data but not how/whether I can use a URL as a receiving endpoint…

Well, I got this far, and I think it creates the task (based on the response) but doesn’t actually display it in Asana because it has no data.

I did learn I can add optional scripting in addition to the endpoint URL…but can’t quite get that to work either…

Yes the service will probably post errors but calling an endpoint of yours.

What makes you think the creation was a success? You got an answer from Asana?