Noob Question re POST /addproject

Hi There,

I have just started looking at the ASANA api. I am not a real developer, just a lowly test manager with some C# skills. It seems straight forward and I quickly managed to GET data concerning projects and tasks etc.

However I am unable to make POST work. Specifically I want to be able to add an existing task to a project. Your reference docs say to do this use /tasks/task-id/addProject with a parameter project: 1234

I have tried using postman to get this working before coding it in c# but whether I try (Form-data, json data, ?params in the url) everything is incorrect.

I woudl be very grateful if someone could let me know the correct way to submit these request please.


Update: after some more investigating I have found (as I expected in the first place) that the parameters can just be passed in the url. However, in postman at least I also need to provide an empty json string for this to be processed.

If someone is able to provide some info I would love to know why this is the case and how this affects how I should build my requests in c#

Did you see the Explorer tab on Build an app with Asana ? That can allow you to understand better, and look at the request sent in the Network tab of the Chrome Dev Tool.
If you don’t understand what I am saying, say so :slight_smile: