Error when creating subtask with projects


I started getting a new strange exception today when creating subtasks with projects.

The error message is:
400 Bad Request: {"errors":[{"message":"projects is not a valid usage of [] syntax. This syntax can only be used to declare a list is empty, as in x.y.z[]=","help":"For more information on API status codes and how to handle them, read the docs on errors:"}]}

I am calling the subtask endpoint:<task_id>/subtasks

With payload:
{:name=>"Test Name", :notes=>"Test Notes", :projects=>[<project_id>]}

This payload works when creating a standard task, and has been working in the past for creating subtasks, but started failing some time today. Any ideas? Could this be an issue on Asana’s end?

This issue resolved itself the next day, so it does look like it was just some temporary issue with the Asana API.

Copying our Dev Rel team @Matt_Bramlage and @Jeff_Schneider

I work with Garett and we are seeing this issue again repeatedly and sporadically. For the past week or so, we see this issue happen one day and then resolve itself the next. Could you please help understand what’s going on here?

I realise this is old but I am getting this same error currently when trying to add a project and/or follower to the a create task post (works with just one project/follower).

                var data = {
                    "projects": ["xxxxxxxxx", "xxxxxxxxxx"],
                    "name": title,
                    "custom_fields": {
                        "1109264745645614425214": "1109264745614425215",
                        "378362351265259": 13459264614425215,
                    "followers": ["378362334551265266", "34867238456245"

Is there a known issue with the API currently?

Realise there was a missing ] at the end of followers in the code above but this was not the issue just a typo here.
var data = {
“projects”: [“xxxxxxxxx”, “xxxxxxxxxx”],
“name”: title,
“custom_fields”: {
“1109264745645614425214”: “1109264745614425215”,
“378362351265259”: 13459264614425215,
“followers”: [“378362334551265266”, “34867238456245”]