Creating a new Project from template creates duplicate subtasks in Template

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
I created a Template Project with one Parent Task and two subtasks. those subtasks also belong to the template Project. When I create a new Project from the Template the two subtasks are duplicated in the Template (yes the template now has 4 Subtasks and all of them belong to the template project) and this is then used to create the new Project so in the new Project I get 1 Parent task with 4 Subtasks

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create new Project name it ‘[Vorlage] Projekt’
  • create task ‘[Vorlage] Task’ in Project ‘[Vorlage] Projekt’
  • create Subtask of ‘Planung’
  • add this Subtask 'Planung 'to Project ‘[Vorlage] Projekt’
  • Mark Project as Template
  • create new Project From Template ‘[Vorlage Projekt]’ and name It ‘FancyProject’

=> now you have Two subtasks called ‘Planung’ in the Template ‘[Vorlage] Projekt’
=> you also have those two Subtasks in the new Project ‘FancyProject’

Browser version:
latest chrome

Upload screenshots below:
Template before new Project Creation:

Template after new Project creation:

new FancyProject:

I am happy to help if you need more Information

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