Create automatic planning list depending on the inputs

Hello everyone! I’m new to Asana and I need to automatically create a project with templates but I have some inputs. I’m always depending on some yes/no inputs like for example:

  • Are you single?
  • Do you eat meat?
  • Do you like cycling?
    Depending on each yes/no question, I need to create few tasks to complete but i need to collect all those tasks from every answer in a single project.
    It would be perfect to have one project with a section full of tasks corresponding to every input.
    Thanks a lot

Hey @Mateo_Lopera_Cardona,

Thanks for reaching out. It sounds like this might be better asked in the Product Feedback section of the community (let me know if that is the case and I can move it to that section for you).

I’m not entirely sure where your inputs are coming from (e.g. is this a form?), but it sounds like you should be able to achieve this through the API (if you have a developer to write a script). Let me know if you have specific API questions.