Create Asana task from html page

Hey everyone,
Wondering if it’s possible to create a task from an html page. See the images below.

Thank you !

Hey. You can create a task with this info at the description.

The issue at your case is that you will need a script to scrape the html. This information will be the the notes area of a task that will be created using the Asana API.

You will need someone to code this script that will scrape the page and post these data in asana.

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hey @Diakoptis thank you for your quick response.

I’m scraping it through python 3. My issue is how to convert it to a “readable” json format so I can upload it via API later here on Asana.

Would you mind helping me if I share the html code with you ?


I have basic knowledge of python but if you give me the variables I can help you to create the notes_html of the task :slight_smile:

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if you set the html_notes field of a task like:

“Product Name 10.90\n\n\nProduct Name 10.90\n\n\n”

you will get the result you want. Unfortunately you will need to use spaces for margins. Another way would be to use just bold for the price.

more info for the html tags that allowed by asana here

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Hey @Diakoptis,

Have a look at our html code below and try to help me please :


	<div class="prod_image_wrap">
		<div class="prod_image">
			<a href=""><img src="" alt="Yonex Tour 4-Ball Can"  /></a>
		<div class="prod_name">Yonex Tour 4-Ball Can</div>
		<div class="prod_price">$6,74</div>

Thank you !

Take a look at the link @Diakoptis provided as to what HTML tags are supported. <div> is not supported, nor are CSS classes.

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@Phil_Seeman - well, I’m not intending to send all that

or css classes… @Diakoptis knows what I’m talking about…right ?