Create a task very quickly on mobile?


Hi Community,

How do you create a task very quickly from your mobile? I find the app too long to start and I am instead emailing myself tasks. But I still need to open the Mail app and type the beginning of the email address. Do you know any solution to go even faster?



Upvote this question. I usually find myself with the need of creating a quick task for myself.

What I will try is to create an integration in IFTTT. You can access the iOS reminders and send yourself an email every time there is a new reminder. In this way you should be able to transform a iOS reminder in an asana task. Would that work?


I usually just do a voice note for that kind of thing, using google keep or one note. If I wanted to put those in asana (I don’t) I would just do a zapier or IFTTT.


I don’t understand your idea with iOS reminder. I am in my car, I want to create a task, what do I do?

Then you need to go back to your recordings on a regular basis or send them right away?


I believe what @carlo meant is that you integrate iOS reminders to Asana. In this case he use IFTTT to link both together. You could do with with Zapier as well. Set it up so that when you create a new reminder, it will create a new task in Asana as well.


IFTTT is like Zapier, and has the ability to connect to iOS reminders. These are connected to Siri.

The complex thing is that IFTTT does not support Asana and Zapier does not support iOS Reminders, so you need to create a complex hop between your phone, IFTTT, something in the middle, Zapier and Asana. Complex, but doable.

For example

  1. You say “Siri, remind me to write a blog post about connecting iOS Reminders to Asana
  2. IFTTT will see that there is a new iOS reminder, and will trigger an action that saves the reminder in a google spreadsheet
  3. Zapier will see that there is new line in the google spreasheet and will create a new task in Asana titled “write a blog post about connecting iOS Reminders to Asana

As I mentioned, it is quite complex due to the limitation of either IFTTT and Zapier; however, I am sure that you can create your own server side application that polls the iOS Reminders every minute and triggers an action to the Asana API every time there is a new one.
Let’s not forget that Zapier & IFTTT are nothing more than connectors, but with a bit of practice and nerdiness you can simply code some requests to move info from one API to another.



Ok my missing piece was that you create reminders using Siri :slight_smile:
Indeed looks a bit complex, I will keep looking


Asana :heart: Siri


Until recently, I used the Jotana app from Grizzly Labs (iOS only). It was built just for fast load and capture of a task. I used it with the iOS microphone key to convert my speech to a task. Jotana would send it to my ASANA tasks.

Unfortunately, I discovered it is not available in the US App Store now. Not sure why. It was one of my favorite apps. Maybe it is still available outside the USA.

I agree that ASANA is too slow to load and a faster method of capturing fleeting ideas and to dos is needed.


I use Drafts app on iOS. I just open the app and write the task, later I choose to send it to my task or to any project. Fast & quickly