Create a rule to copy project name to a custom field

We have a unique integration setup with Jira where each project is actually a team; this means that each team project is an Epic. I have all my projects setup to integrate to Jira. I want the Asana project name to populate a custom field in Jira. To do this I have a custom field “Asana Project Name” that I want to populate automatically with the actuall project name once an assginees has been added to the task. I haven’t been able to figure out how to do this. Is it even possible?

Hi @Christine_DuBois,

Currently Asana doesn’t support using variables in its rule action that updates text custom fields, so I don’t think it’s possible in native Asana.

FYI our Flowsana integration does support variables in this context so you could solve for it with a Flowsana rule action i.e.:


(In this illustration the custom field is named “Request Name” but you would of course select your “Asana Project Name” custom field.)

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Of course, no problem sharing it at all