Create a "me" token for advanced search


The advanced search has a “not me” token, which is great. However, the other day I wanted to create a report, tailored to the user, that I could share with other people so they could use it directly for themselves without any adaptation. A “me” token to use in the assignee field for example would be a great addition!

@Phil_Seeman @Julien_RENAUD @Jerod_Hillard @lpb make some noise for my awesome request :heart:


Good idea.

Also, folks can show some love over here too:



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Good idea! You are right, we currently offer “not me” but there is no option to select “me”. I’ll keep you posted once we have news about this option!

You have my vote @Bastien_Siebman.

Similarly, I suggested “anyone” as an operator search syntax as well in the post below (even mentioning a scenario where “me” is helpful but not realizing it wasn’t even available :laughing:):