Countdown Ticker for Events

I would love to have a Countdown ticker integrated into a project somehow. We are planning events and it would be great to have a visual in Asana for how many days are left until the event.


That’s a great idea @Naomi_Toldy! Our team organises a lot of events too (see #events:asanatogether-hosted) and I’d love to have a little widget in each of our projects (cc @Logan_LeVan :wink: )

Please add this feature!! :slight_smile:

This would be great! I’d love to have this feature.

Any chance to have this feature in Asana this year? )

Please add this as a column to show! Or even a setting on the dates column to show, like days until Event.

This would be one of the best features of Asana.
Can be a box in the Home panel with the tasks or project dates we select to be counted down.

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Is there any update on this change?

Would love this feature for sure, it helps management track progress of projects amongst everything else that’s flying around.

I completely agree. I would use this feature for sure!

This enhancement would be huge for my professional services organization

I completely agree! I’ve been searching for this feature.

This would be a game changer for Asana and for our company! Would absolutely love to see this feature!

+1, this feature would have real added value for our teams. Hear our cries! :smiley:
Any update on the chances of this being integrated in 2024?