Could you please en-light me how people at Asana use the Calendar?


Asana Calendar cannot sync with Google Calendar properly. There is no time sync.
Then I tried so hard to find a workaround for that. but so far nothing.

One person in this community even turned up, asked for work around (I read twice, definitely not product request) but no.the topic was quickly closed for some reasons.

OK Then I’ll use Asana app, and dump GC instead. Only to find out that there is no calendar in ios app (considering it was just newly launched.)

So Please, tell me how do you guys do it?


I will ping someone I know working on solving this :slight_smile:


We will start rolling this out early next week. You can get onto our queue for now. We are planning a white glove on-boarding process so try to get on our list early. Visit this site:

Just add your name to the Request Access box. We will have the following features at launch:

  • Real Time Synchronization - tasks synchronize within a few seconds
  • Bi-Directional Synchronization - you can move tasks around in the calendar which will update the due dates in Asana.
  • No more all day events - we will use the actual due date time to make it appear in the calendar vs. at the top
  • Launch - be able to launch directly into Asana to see more details for the task.

Shortly after we will be launching our gadgets for gmail and the calendar which allows you to easily interact with the tasks without leaving gmail or the Google calendar.


This is great!! I’m really looking forward to your product.

Just out of curiousity, which method do you use to sync due time, since Asana provide only due time, no end time.

1 fix duration, just like todoist which they use 60 mins duration for all tasks.
2 adjustable fix duration. Fix for all tasks but user can choose how long.
3 add customize field in Asana so user can key in end time for each task.
4 other methods that I can’t think of.

Obviously I’d prefer 3, but for now anything will do. Cheers.


Great question. We have a couple options we are playing with. For our initial release we are doing fixed duration - 30 minutes per task. We are using the due date time (this must be populated) as the end time of the event on the calendar and the start time will default to 30 minutes prior.

If the due date time is not populated (just the date) it will show as an all day event for that date.

We will constantly be adding more configuration options to determine which projects, which tasks, how they synchronize, etc. All the items you mentioned I think are feasible. We can prioritize based on what the community wants and move forward with those.

If you haven’t already, please request access via the link I posted. We will be sending out more details and polling for methods / areas we should focus on to all users that sign up via that link.


I’ve got a short video that shows this in action. We are demoing the synchronization from Asana to Google Calendar here. Moving an item around in the Google Calendar will also update the due dates in Asana as well (we don’t show that here).

You can also see how the all day vs. specific timed due dates appear on the calendar and the ability to launch to Asana from the calendar. If you’re interested, please sign up here:





I believe given only 1 specific time, most people are using due time as the point when the event occurs, not when it ends. I could be wrong. You could do some research on that. But from my experience, setting due time as when things end just not practical for me. (though, the name suggests it).

This request says a lot on how people are using due time.


We will have multiple options available to select from. I will share a screenshot of the configuration page once it’s ready but I’ll summarize the parameters below:

  1. Project Selection - Synchronize a specific project or all projects
  2. Task Selection - All tasks, only tasks assigned to you
  3. Google Calendar Name
  4. Start Date - Which field in Asana should we use as the start date
  5. End Date - Which field in Asana should we use as the end date

We are trying to get custom fields available for items 4 and 5 above which should give you everything you need.


Wow!! Even more flexible.
Really looking forward to.


@Maggie_Reddi This is gorgeous. Thank you for making this simple, yet very powerful integration. Looking forward to it. Just requested access. All my claps for you :clap::clap::clap:


Thanks Rafael. We’ve opened up our application now to longer needing to request access. You may register for a trial here: