Copy template section to another template

Hi All,

Is there an option to copy / past a complete section of a template to another project template?

@Niels_Oomen - Do you need the task details (including description and custom field values) or just the names? If it’s just the names, you should be able to copy/paste them the way you would in a spreadsheet. (EDIT: this may not be accurate, I have not tested it in a template)

If you need all the details (i.e., you need to duplicate the section), I do not know of a way to do this between templates. Now that Asana supports section duplication, you could try:

  1. Create a project from template A and another from template B
  2. Duplicate desired section in project A, create same section header in project B
  3. Move all tasks from project A to new section in project B
  4. Save project B as a template, then delete old template B

It’s not the cleanest, and it will be annoying if you have published the direct URL for template B externally.

I actually don’t think that a paste with multiple rows works with templates like it does for projects.



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