Convos in Asana travel downward, but in email, they travel up. Let's pick one and stick with it!

When conversing in Asana, the box to type in is always at the bottom, and if you were to read the conversation, you would start at the top and move downwards.
However, when I get an email, it’s exactly the opposite. The newest message is a the top, with older messages below it.
This is confusing! I’m regularly switching from email to website and it messes with my brain go switch the conversation around like that.
I think the emails need to follow the same format as the website and show the latest message at the bottom.
User experience is what’s it’s all about. Thanks!!

Something like this?

Hi Finn,

As long as the email and the website are the same, it doesn’t matter to me.

It’s the switching that is confusing.