Convert Task to Project, but Project already exists

I use one project to manage my roadmap with tasks that eventually become projects, however there are some projects that were already started before entering the task into my roadmap. I was wondering if there is a way to relink the converted task to an existing project, instead of to the new project that has been created. I realize that I could move tasks from one project to the other, but then I lose all of the project updates that I’ve already made and any other information that has been linked to the project, that I’ve already been working on. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome, @Erik_Lindstrom,

Based on testing just now, I’d recommend doing both of the following:

  • Filter or search for the converted task in your project–it’s found among the “Completed” tasks (Closed is a form of Completed). Optionally click the Reopen Task link to reopen it, or leave it closed if you prefer:

    Now multi-home (Add to projects in the image) the task to also let it be a member of the previously-existing project so now it can be found there too.
    Note, though, that some, but not all, aspects of this task won’t look as they did before you converted it to a project. I noticed that the subtasks are no longer there. (Not sure if anything else is missing; Comments are still there for example.)
  • If you had subtasks and care about them, then I’d recommend going to the newly-created project where those subtasks now live as top-level tasks. Multi-home them into the previously existing project (and drag them one by one as subtasks if you want to re-establish that relationship).

I only did a couple of quick tests, so if you learn anything else, please do reply here!

Hope that helps,


Thanks for looking into this, but it doesn’t really resolve my problem. This is just the standard way of linking tasks to multiple projects, but I’m trying to maintain the task as a “converted to project” status and linked to an exisitng project, where it says " Closed and converted to the project…".



You could then just not re-open the task; it will remain in the “converted to project” status, and if you link it to the existing project, as mentioned, it should achieve what I think you’re asking for. (I updated my prior reply to note that re-opening is optional.)

But maybe I’m not understanding, and perhaps someone else will be able to suggest something. Or you could email in case they might, or perhaps if you’re trying to revert your action completely, there’s a small chance they could help.