Convert Subtask to Task (NEW QUESTION)

What I’ve been doing as a workaround is the following:

  1. Create a new top-level task, copy and paste subtask title into new task
  2. Merge subtask into the new top-level task.

I’m fairly sure this retains all the information from the merged task.

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I have spent hours trying to do this. My sub tasks need to turn into tasks into different projects. Instead, when I move them into different projects, they live there and I can’t remove them from the old projects. Why not just be able to change a sub task into a task?

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The only thing I’ve found that works @Lauren_Briskin1 is to open the details window, on the right-hand side, in the project where the subtask lives.

Drag the subtask over the the main task list on the left-hand side. But you have to hover at the very top of the list, right underneath the “Task Name” header until you see a dark black line. If you drop the subtask there it will turn into a top-level task. You should be able to make it a task in any new project from there.

It looks like it may not be working consistently for some, but I just tested it and it still works for me (on the web version).

As much as I love Asana, this is a massive oversight on their part as far as the user experience.


Hi there, can someone post a quick video of what you do to move a subtask to become a task? I read through this thread and I am not accomplishing it.

Not a video, but did you try this which seemed to work for others:



Not a video. The only thing I’ve gotten to work:

  1. Expand the task
  2. Click the set of 6 docs to the left of the sub task
  3. Drag the subtask to the left in the far pane into the project that you want it in. Now it’s a task.

Thanks for this, Michael! I found the same behaviour - the above solution only copied the sub-task in the same view as the parent task - it didn’t break the Parent<>Sub relationship.

But by dragging the Sub Task all the way to the left hand list of projects, I could drop it in the project I wanted.

Interestingly, though, I found the newly minted Task would just pop to the top of whatever project I had dropped it on - so not quite out into the depths of Purgatory!


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