Convert Subtask to Task (NEW QUESTION)

I know this question has been asked before, but none of the other threads seem to address the fact that when you drag a task to a project, it now remains a sub-task but just appears under the Project task list.

How can I remove a long list of subtasks from a parent task and convert them into tasks within the parent project?

@Antoine_Palmer, Unless I don’t understand you, this is easy to do.

Let’s assume in project P1 list view there’s a task T1 with subtasks S1 and S2. My understanding is you want to move subtasks S1 and S2 into P1 to become tasks S1 and S2.

  1. In tasks pane click on T1.
  2. In detail pane click on S1, then shift-click on S2
  3. Drag the drag handle of either S1 or S2 from right detail pane to chosen position in tasks pane

That accomplishes the above.

Hope that helps,