Convert Subtask to Task (NEW QUESTION)

I know this question has been asked before, but none of the other threads seem to address the fact that when you drag a task to a project, it now remains a sub-task but just appears under the Project task list.

How can I remove a long list of subtasks from a parent task and convert them into tasks within the parent project?


@Antoine_Palmer, Unless I don’t understand you, this is easy to do.

Let’s assume in project P1 list view there’s a task T1 with subtasks S1 and S2. My understanding is you want to move subtasks S1 and S2 into P1 to become tasks S1 and S2.

  1. In tasks pane click on T1.
  2. In detail pane click on S1, then shift-click on S2
  3. Drag the drag handle of either S1 or S2 from right detail pane to chosen position in tasks pane

That accomplishes the above.

Hope that helps,



This does not actually solve the problem. With the solution above you now have the original sub task and a copy of that at the task level. So it has not converted it as per the original posting; it’s merely made a copy/reference to it at a different level.

Seeking a solution that allows it to be converted or MOVED without residual tasks sprinkled throughout your project.



Maybe you can post a screencast of what’s happening for you when you follow my three-steps above.

What I described indeed does a move not copy.

We must be not understanding each other somehow.


I was able to figure it out after much gnashing of teeth. Here is where the directions are not accurate. When you drag a sub-task to an EMPTY section, the new task becomes a COPY of the old sub-task, and the old sub-task stays in place, so now you have duplicates. This is terrible.

However, if you follow the directions above, then drag the SAME SUBTASK to the new section you just created being EVER SO CAREFUL to drop it when the black line is visible and NOT on the section directly, it will move the sub task completely.

All follow-on drags and drops will then work correctly. Frankly, this is terrible CX; each drag and drop should be consistent and not create duplicate tasks and sub-tasks.



Thanks so much for getting to the bottom of this (it was news to me), though I think the way you described it is not precisely correct so let me restate:

  1. Dragging a subtask onto a section highlights the section title’s rectangle as the drop target; dropping there makes that subtask a member of that project/section (the subtask remains a subtask of its parent as well so you see the subtask in both places)
  2. Dragging a subtask elsewhere in the tasks list shows a horizontal rule as the drop target; dropping there disconnects that subtask from its parent and maks it a top-level task as a member of that project/section

The primary difference from the way you characterized it is that it’s not actually dependent on whether the section is empty; it’s where you choose to drop–on a section (empty or not empty) title, or not on a section title.

Note a related behavior: If you drag and drop a subtask onto a project name in the left sidebar, it moves the subtask to the top of that project (like behavior 2 above).

@Marie, Can you explain what the thinking is behind this? It might be handy once one knows about it, but the UX problems are 1) it’s unexpected behavior (as Shawn and I confirmed), and 2) it’s undiscoverable (as Shawn and I confirmed).




Hi @Antoine_Palmer and @lpb! Natalia here stepping in here for @Marie!

Thank you for digging into this behaviour and for flagging it in the Forum! I was doing some research on my end and I was able to find a task reporting this behaviour to the Development Team.

I’ve gone ahead and attached your report to it and as soon as I get an update I’ll make sure to share it with you here.

Thank you again for taking time to report this! Have a nice day!


This functionality is now missing. There is no grab handle for the subtask. Is there a brief solution to this with all the editorial feedback?


I have been struggling with this as well - and just figured it out. when you have the details screen open on the main task - within the detail screen the subtasks have handles. If you then grab the subtask and move it to the main task window where you want the task moved to and let go, it seems to move it.


Thanks Shawn. This is the proper solution. People make suggestions not fully understanding what it does. Cheers.

Thank you @Shawn_Kresal ! This has been driving me NUTS, and I’ve wasted over an hour trying to figure this out.

Honestly, I don’t understand @Natalia why Asana just doesn’t have a “Convert to task” option. There are some old, smaller projects I have archived that I’d like to downgrade to tasks with subtasks, so a “Convert to task” option would help with that.

Love Asana, by the way! It’s been a lifesaver, overall.


Thank you also @Shawn_Kresal - I was struggling with the same issue and most of the other posts didn’t capture the nuance of the subtask staying with the parent. Saved me a lot of headache!

Not sure if behavior has changed since this was marked complete but I was trying to do this (convert a subtask into a task under the same project as its original task). I tried dragging and dragging carefully but it never showed the black line to drop in the subtask as its own independent task; it would only show the grey box surrounding the Section I was trying to drag it into and it would retain the link back to its original task parent. The only way I was able to find was to drag the subtask all the way to the left-hand panel and into the project itself, however, when I did this the task seemed to enter a purgatory where it was no longer attached to any project and could only be found by searching for the task description - once I opened the task detail, i could add it back into the Project-Section I wanted by clicking on “Add to Project”. Way too hard. There needs to be a ‘simple’ “Make a Task of” option similar to the “Make a Subtask of”

I had the same problem, and the behavior has changed because I used to do the drag-and-drop trick others mention above regularly, and then it just recently stopped working for me. Thanks for the workaround Michael, this was driving me nuts.

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@Michael_Barry you are right, this is way too much work to achieve a simple goal. We should not have to trick Asana into accomplishing the actions we want. :crazy_face:

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Hi Natalia, I was going round and round with this issue this morning. I think one of the responses that calls out the need to see the black line should be flagged as the correct answer—it’s a big contributor to understanding the problem! Just a suggestion. :slight_smile:

Just a note since I was also struggling with this and trying your solution as well and it sounds like maybe some people have the same issue - I realized in the project I had sorted tasks in order of due date by clicking on that column at the top. When I was dragging a subtask over to make it a regular task I was still getting the big gray box in all sections of the project and the task would duplicate. When I removed the sort order, this problem disappeared.


Thanks a million for documenting this. Helped me finally succeed after a good 20 mins of trying to work this out. In doing so, I also found a workaround for your purgatory issue…

  1. Click and drag the subtask from the parent task into whatever section you want it to become a task in. (When you’ve done this, it appears both in the section and as a subtask under the original parent task.)
  2. Click and drag the subtask from the parent task a second time. This time, drop it over in the left-hand panel you mentioned – into the project itself.

Now, instead of it being landing in purgatory, it appears as a task of its own in the section you dragged it into in step 1. It is also removed from the parent task.


Good find on the workaround! Hopefully Asana will still enable a way to directly promote it to a task from within the subtask without needing to drag it around twice. Does anyone know how to convert this thread into a feature request?

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Thanks a lot! You saved me a lot of time today! =)