Content Calendar permission for entire organization to view only

The Content Planning Calendar is for use of the entire organization so everyone needs to be able to access. One person will be updating the content Calendar but all staff need to view it without changing it.

Individuals are assigned a team in Asana. My team is a public team and the content calendar is a public project. How can I set permissions so the entire organization has access to the project but can not edit it.

Can I maintain the project within my Team workspace?


In the project Share dialog, set the first entry in the members list to “Commenter”–that’s the default access. It appears below as the link “LB and task collaborators”:

Make sure you or the person in charge of this project is Project admin, like Jamie in the screenshot.

It may otherwise work exactly as you have it or, if not, you may need to put the project in an “All staff” team that.



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