Connecting Power BI at a Portfolio level to report on Custom Project Fields

I am wanting to use Power BI to report on Project Level Data - These are fields that have been added at the Portfolio level and thus appear within the Project Details Custom Fields section.

I am able to successfully connect a Portfolio to Power BI, and import all the Task data, however I don’t need the Task level data for this reporting. I only need the Project Custom Fields data.

I can get this exact data if I export the Portfolio as a CSV file, however I need to collate the data from multiple Portfolios and would like the live connection that the Power BI integration provides.

Does anyone know how to connect a portfolio to Power BI and only retrieve the Project Level data fields?

Although PBI is a good integration we noticed that not everything is available and we built our own custom integration.

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Thanks Getz - we are looking into that too. It just seems strange that the export portfolio function is able to give me all the Project Custom fields that I am wanting to report on, yet the Power BI integration has to give me all the Tasks within the projects as well.

What did your custom integration entail?

We put all the projects into a portfolio
then we pulled the portfolio ID via API
then all the projects in that portfolio by their ID

The API allows you to flow all the data.

For us, we put this into a database that PBI pulled from so we could ‘clean’ the data first and give an easy point of connection for PBI.

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HI @Getz_Pro,

I have done the same with my projects for PBI integration. Did you also manage to extend the Custom fields column and extract the values from there?

Not in this go around. We are just pulling data from Asana. I do believe this next project will have us adding fields to tasks.