Connect the due dates of subtasks to the due date of their parent task

Hi all, I have been going crazy trying out different solutions that could help us achieve this same feature. I have been looking into using dependencies within a task template but I can’t ever get the auto-shift to work. Same premise applies: I have one task that has multiple subtasks. I would like it so that when the parent task shifts by x number of days, the multiple subtasks also shift by that same number of days.

Did Asana really never figure out how to automate shifting due dates when this is the vane of any project manager’s existence? Please tell me I’m missing something!

You are not missing anything, this feature does not exist yet.

I would love this feature as well!

I upgraded my whole team to the business tier recently, which created a big headache now having to manage split divisions, with the expectation this would be something we could set up as a rule. Even just to be able to mirror the parent task due date as a the subtask due date would be a huge benefit. The one janky workaround I’ve found is with monthly recurring tasks that are generated on the first of the month, using the subtask rule and relative due date (assume all months are the same number of days). You have to create the original parent task on the first of the month for this to work. Not ideal! A little concerning that a feature request can get this much consistent support from the community for years and not make it onto the roadmap :grimacing:

We can’t shift subtask due dates automatically if the main due date of the card changes. I changed due date to Thursday so the other due dates within should change accordingly e.g. 2 days before publish. You can do this in Projects but I don’t want to create a new Project for every blog post.

I know you can set a Task Template and even set due dates “x days after creation date.” However I often set tasks on our calendars in batch, ahead of a quarter’s content needs. It’d be best to add “x days” “before/after” “creation date/due date” and then, if we need to change the publish date of the card (what we use “due date” for) the subtasks will automatically follow (e.g. 7 days before publish date, find images for article).

Hi @Allison_Van_Duyne,

There’s already a Product Feedback item for this request so I merged yours in.

Also FYI you can do this using the Auto-Adjust Workflow in our Flowsana integration; and we just introduced a new option making it even easier to make subtasks adjust when their parent task adjusts:

I am having the same problem with Asana - ie connecting parent task and sub tasks due dates and came across this. Is it fair to assume Asana isn’t planning to add this feature as it has been five years since the first request?

This is should be basic functionality for any project management tool!

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I don’t think this has any basis: first of, Asana does not have to do anything that anyone asks, they have a vision, a roadmap, limited resources… and they make choices. Second, we know they are constantly re-evaluating topics, this one probably being one of them!
(remember: I don’t work for Asana, this is my personal view)

Hey Asana - are you guys planning on implementing this anytime soon? It’s been 5 years since the feature request was logged. This is basic, table stakes functionality for a project management platform


Hi @Jessie_Wood ,

Asana does not communicate on the roadmap sorry.

Hi! Is still not posible to change all subtasks due date changing only the task due date?

Example: If I delay in 1 week the whole task, all subtasks whitin this parent task should be delay in 1 week as well.

Is there a way of doing this without having to change 1 subtask at a time?

This is still not possible. Hopefully, this is something the Asana Product Team is looking into.

I agree with this. This is a basic feature that we need implemented immediately !

+1 need this

This would be a game changer! Absolutely needed.

Is this… is this still considered a “nice to have” FIVE YEARS after the original request? Like so many other folks in this very long thread have stated, this is pretty straight-forward functionality. It causes so much unnecessary manual work and confusion to not have this.

Will this actually be addressed or are we being told “neat idea” as a brush off tactic?

Larger note - a lot of elements of the platform are lovely, but this is an example of it missing some key basics.


i cannot believe this functionality is not available!!! I’m looking to switch to a different platform that can handle this very basic task does anyone have suggestions?

The Asana forum is not the right place to ask for Asana alternative :sweat_smile:

I often upload tasks and to work around this I have formulas built into spreadsheets to calculate the due dates so that I don’t have to manually assign everything based on a goal date… Ironically most of us event planners, project managers, etc. back into due dates for tasks and subtasks — this functionality would be huge!!! Imagine if you could create a template for regular deliverables and only have to enter the ultimate due date!

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Good points @Kayla_Paulson. Welcome to the community! :+1: :smile: