"Completed On" Visible in Board View?

Hi Team -

Our company uses Board View.
I need a way to get the “Completed On” field visible in board view - any suggestions? I currently only see it available in List View (when you go to “Hide” and then toggle to “Completed On”).

Can anyone advise the best way to do this?

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Hi @Lauren_Milkie , as you can see this field is not currently available in Board view.

I could move your topic into the Product Feedback category where yourself and others will be able to vote on.


Sure, was also looking for feedback of any other ways people have displayed this in boardview. Ex: maybe adding a custom field that the user has to fill out before completing task?

Yes, you could add a date field but you would be asking your project members to manually input this, resulting in extra work.
You could automate this usong custom code via the API or 3rd party apps like zapier.com or make.com and I’m fairly certain flowsana.net could do this too. Right, @Phil_Seeman ?

Thanks, @Richard_Sather!

Yes, @Lauren_Milkie, yes, you could do this by creating a date custom field, then using a Flowsana rule to auto-populate that field with the task’s completion date.

This is how you would do it in the Asana rule builder (replace “Local Date Field” with the name of the custom field you’d create to hold the completion date, and leave the “to” and “days” fields blank):

You can also build the exact same rule in the Flowsana web portal if you’re on an Asana legacy Premium subscription without access to the Asana custom rule builder.


@Phil_Seeman, Minor possible correction: Starter would have access to the custom rule builder, right? Only Premium wouldn’t.

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Oops, right @lpb! I fixed my post.

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