Communication Internal vs External




Can you please advise how internal people can have conversation about a task/project without external people seeing these comments/conversations?



Are the “external” people in the same project as the task where you want to have the conversation?


Yes all of our projects have external people. We are an international company and each master project is a country where external people are connected.

I tried to setup an Internal channel but I would like to have internal feedback (conversations) on specific tasks without the external people seeing those.

BTW, love your asana youtube videos.

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You can add people to view just one task in a private project by adding them as a task follower and this is all they’ll see. However if they are invited as a project member, they’ll see everything in the project.

To be honest, I can’t see a way of having external people in the project but unable to see tasks. Using another internal channel could be a good alternative (although I know it’s not exactly what you want).

Thanks for the feedback. Any video in particular you like?



Thanks for your reply.

The issue with using another internal channel of communication is that it wont record under the task or project which is a good feature to have.

Its a shame that Asana does not offer a feature to keep certain conversations private (company members only) vs Guests in the project. If you use a separate channel then the feedback is not recorded.

For instance I manage a certain Project (in this case a country) and my supervisor may want to comment to me only on a specific task but its an internal comment that we may not want the customer (guest to see).

The video I watched quite a bit was the Batching video and how you can drag a task into a subtask. On that video, how do you avoid subtask overload and have it how in mytasks too many times?