Combine report of recently completed and due in the next X days

Is there a way to run a combined report of recently completed and tasks due in the next X days? When I attempt to customize for this it only shows the completed tasks. No incomplete tasks are listed. If I am overlooking something my apologies.


Hi Daniel! I’ve got a solution for you :slight_smile:

I recommend that you conduct an advanced search (then save it as a report) for “completion - any” tasks completed “due date - between” x and y date. As you can see in the advanced search pane here, there is an option to select if tasks are complete, incomplete, or any; and to select a date range. This will provide you all tasks (complete and incomplete) that are recently completed and due within the next x days! Let us know if you have any follow up questions.

Of course the suggestion is better than nothing, but it will not capture recently completed tasks that did not have due dates in the given range. As a program manager, I often want exactly the search Daniel asked for…it’s great for a weekly update, as in a Friday afternoon convo:
“Here’s what we’ve accomplished this week boss…and HERE’s what we’re doing in the week to come.”

Instead, I would have to say “Here’s what we’ve accomplished this week boss (or team)…assuming it had a due date in a narrow period. We may or may not have done other things but I can’t find them in this report…hang on, I can quickly get another report which we can ALSO look at.”

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