Columns vs Sections - Different things?

Fellows, I am starting using Asana and feeling a bit lost regarding Columns and Sections. I thought I understood the concepts but after playing around for a while I am not so sure anymore.

I though Sections were like groups where we could include several tasks. And Columns were a visual way to arrange tasks in a free mode style. But then, whatever I do managing sections reflects in the Columns and whatever I do with Columns reflects in the Sections. It seems these two are exactly the same thing after all. How come?

Hi @Ricardo_Ribeiro and welcome to the forum!

That is 100% correct - columns and sections are the exact same thing. Asana chose to give them a different name in list and board views but it’s the exact same “object”.

Well, because that’s the way Asana was designed. For me, I don’t think there’s any great answer other than that.

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Thanks. Got it. It’s an odd choice from Asana, really, nothing good there, only a confusion element for the users.