Coffee Talk: What are your best tips for a healthy work-life balance?


Hello Community! Hope you’re all having a beautiful sunny summer :slight_smile:

I would love to learn about your best tips for a good balance between work and personal life. One thing that works really well for me is to make some time for myself before heading to work; I usually wake up around 6 am, drink some delicious coffee and read the news, and then head to the gym for a bit of exercise. Work is the 3rd thing I do :slight_smile:

What about you? Any tips to share?


I often follow a similar morning routine to @Marie’s, except I try to have that all-important coffee (hey, my profile image is unroasted coffee beans!) at a favorite cafe for some nice social time with friends.

Work-life gets mixed together at times for me, but it’s still possible to maintain balance, I feel, often following some of the suggestions in

I’m not sure if reading this Community Forum as a diversion from some other task counts as balance, but sometimes I try to use it that way!



Great topic and one we think about often in my office. Even as our organization talks about self-care and good work-life balance, we launch products that are constant communication tools - even Asana falls into that category with its mobile app.

I feel like the most important thing is to communicate to your supervisor or colleagues that this is something that is extremely important to you. I have colleagues who don’t mind getting texts after-hours and some that do. It’s good for your team to be able to understand and support your goals.

Our office is located in an old shopping mall that has been converted to satellite college campuses and office spaces. We try to take breaks throughout the day or week to just take a stroll around the mall to stretch our muscles and clear our minds. I’ll admit, I’m not the best at following through on this one, though.