Coffee talk: how do you get things organized for the holidays?

Halloween is almost here and before we know it it’s going to be Thanksgiving here in the United States! Needless to say, this is a busy time of year. So, how do you keep things organized and prepare for the holiday season? Would love to hear how you use Asana and other tools, practices, or habits to make it through!



No replies yet, so I’ll get the conversation started :slight_smile:

I feel like the end of the year is an opportunity to get grounded, cleared, and refreshed. So, while many people like getting things cleaned up in the spring (ex. spring cleaning), I actually love getting rid of things and cleaning up my space at this time of year. It presents an opportunity give away things I don’t use that other people might want or need, and also makes me feel refreshed and baggage free (literally and figuratively) when I start the new year. I haven’t read Marie Kondo’s, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, but I did listen to a great interview with Marie Kondo on Tim Ferriss’ podcast, which I highly recommend if you’re interested in clearing your space to clear your head.

When it comes to using Asana at this time of year, I find myself using private projects for holiday shopping! I create a task for each person I’m thinking of and put gift ideas in the task description. I check off the person’s name when I’ve gotten all of their gifts :gift:

I am just getting started with Asana after using paper planners for over a decade. I have holiday planning inserts and a birthday party planning insert (my baby will be one 5 days after Christmas!!). As with everything else with my paper planner I am trying to figure out the best way to transfer the information into Asana. I’m thinking that one project for holiday planning with sections for movies to watch, family traditions/things to do, gifts, etc with tasks and subtasks under should do just fine.

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This is actually something I want to start doing more - using Asana to organise my personal life. To my shame, I do sort of wing it when it comes to holidays and celebrations. I don’t really go in for gifts at Christmas, except for the kids, so my wife and I tend to put lists together in Word docs or Google Keep. I can definitely see an advantage to using Asana, though.

In fact, I’ve just decided right this second to try it out for Christmas preparations; not buying presents, but all of the other things we do to get ready for the festivities. I’ll have a section for the decorations, one for food shopping, one for all of the Christmas movies I’m going to watch, etc.

It’ll have to wait a few weeks, though. Despite all of the shops putting up their decorations already, I still think it’s too early to start thinking about it!

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@Antonisha_Polite I think your paper to Asana plan sounds great! In my opinion, the simpler the better. It sounds like Asana projects could mirror your planning inserts, and sections and tasks could mirror the details in between. Love your plan for the holiday planning project.

@Mark_Hudson - Good idea for Christmas preparations! I think I better do the same thing. Maybe I’ll get started with Thanksgiving (Nov 23) planning first :stuck_out_tongue:

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