Code snippets in Asana

+1 as this would also help our workflow also, same way as slack does this would be great if implemented!

We have just moved to Asana, I assumed this was a feature, and after trying backticks like we used in trello, I went looking for what the syntax was, and I don’t understand how there is nothing.

But if this issue is 2+ years old, are we dead in the water, and just stuck with mono space?


We moved from JIRA to Asana due to speed of the UX of Asana, but learning now that it does not support proper markdown for coders makes us wonder why…

Team of Asana, please think about making code syntax formatter, this is super important for comments and description of bugs etc. I don’t understand why was it not yet implemented after 2 years :sob:

  • one on this.

We are using asana for Technical Support Request Management, Project Management, Sprint Planning, Internal Communication, Internal Wiki.

We wanted to onboard new devs and we were evaluating stackoverflow teams and then someone suggested why not just use asana. We have moved everything to asana and now why have another tool for Q/A.

The only think right now is a markdown format or atleast the code snippet and we are good. Thanks.

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TWO Years later and still nothing !

Improve or perish.

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Completely crazy that this hasn’t been prioritized yet. A must have a for a suite, that sells itself specifically for engineering teams:

They could look at Slack’s implementation and reverse engineer how to do it quite easily from the debugger in the browser. It’s less than one’s day’s work for a mid-level front-end engineer plus a few days for testing to make it right and bug free.

We are not asking for much, here.

+1 on this. This is needed. Quote style would also work.

This feature is obviously never coming.

Can anyone recommend any other todo / lite project management apps that have full Markdown support with syntax highlighting for code snippets?

+1 on this.


Very suprised that this isn’t a feature. I can even add code here to this comment I’m making right now on the feedback form!

function GiveUsComments()

This is a big oversight and has quickly become somewhat of a deal-breaker for our team that are migrating from Trello.

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This is definitely needed, it adds a lot to the readability of a variableName.
Many platforms like Trello and Slack already support this, why not Asana ?

+1 I just tried to do it the slack way with back ticks and was confused when it didn’t work ;). Please implement

Three years (3) now and still nothing ! You are one lazy company.


Ummmmm… code blocks are supported in the community forum…

Ok, now please add this to Asana tasks? Please and thank you?

Please make this a thing!

+1 absolutely. I can’t believe this is taking so long to implement (or even acknowledge).

+1. Just going to go bite my pillow until this feature is implemented.