Code snippets in Asana

+1, please!

Pivotal Tracker, Jira, Trello, Github, Slack, etc. all support the backtick and triple-backtick syntax which is now a de-facto standard. Not having it available is extremely frustrating. If my company weren’t already using it, I would veto in favor of a different platform on this oversight alone.

We’ve been exploring alternatives to our current engineering task management system, and Asana was high on our list since our Product team already pays for it and uses it for roadmapping. But without this feature, it’s a total non-starter.

C'mon Asana, you can do better!
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What does Asana eng do here? Confused how this doesn’t exist.

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Srsly? It’s been OVER two years!!!

Either inform your corporate customers that you have no plan do this.

Then, stop the comments with a final statement.

looks like Asana doesn’t give a shit about dev users. this is disappointing to say the least

Guys, this is a critical feature for software teams if we are to continue using Asana. This was requested two years ago.

Please implement this feature! would be really helpful

I’d even be OK with attachment-like snippets, or an auto-linting gist link. Also, this should get primary real estate on the format bar. I don’t need an @ prefixer, that’s universally intuited, but i’m constantly needing to look up formatting FAQs to remember it’s ⌘⇧M

Asana cannot properly compete with Jira until this is done. Come on Asana, @Alex_Hood, I know you got this! Please prioritize this task, it would make dev teams who are choosing asana over atlassian much more effective.


So we have code markdown here but not inside the product we pay for? This was a big disappointment when I found this out, and make me feel like Asana is a sub-quality product, not well suited for developers.

Is there any update on the deployment for allowing code blocks in asana task comments? This seems to be in high demand and I don’t see any responses as to suitable workarounds / when we can expect this.

+1 !!! This would be great!!!

+1 for code snippets.

I don’t need a syntax editor, or highlighting, etc., but coming from Trello and Slack it’s a real surprise that Asana doesn’t support this. The app is strong is so many ways. It’s very odd that THIS is something missing.

+1 !! This is a must have feature for dev teams!

+1 this is an urgently needed feature.

+1 Backticks for the win! This is desperately needed for engineering teams!

Please add code snippets. It’s almost a deal breaker to stop using Asana. My team uses Slack and find the code snippet functionality pretty slick - Just mentioning in case you want an example to emulate.

+1 This is important to enable our us of Asana with Github and Slack.