Code snippets in Asana


Oh, yes +1 for me and my team.


+1 as well


100% useful


+1 super necessary


Would love to see this feature if asana is to grow as a project management tool for developers for sure.


Using backticks to highlight code syntax would be a massive bonus to Asana!

We want to create documentation with maintainable code examples, but not being able to highlight code is currently a drawback.

It would also improve how other developers can communicate code to each other through tasks. Thanks


+1 Our entire Development Team works in tandem with Asana and our Front of House Team (we are 35+ employees = big $$) - Vote for Markdown


I wish this was available as a toolbar option, instead of having to remember yet another key stroke shortcut on yet another software system. Seeing as how a lot of projects are technical in nature, this seems like a no-nonsense setting to add. Even if it needs to be enabled as a setting at a project or organizational level.


YES. PLEASE ASANA! This is a huge feature my team relies on to convey meaning clearly. Has the added benefit of making descriptions scannable.


+1 :pray:

  • 20 :wink:


until Asana will support MarkDown
here is a chrome addon to add GitHub flavor MarkDown to task desc



+1, this would really make our issues easier to read



Why this is not implemented yet ? WTF ?


This is my company’s one blocking feature to switching over to Asana for essentially everything. That would result in multiple enterprise accounts. Can you please provide a timeline here or let me know if this is not scheduled/planned at all? Thanks.


+1 for backticks

    BTW with language detection and colors


Yes pleaaaaaase!


I just moved my entire company to Asana and would really like this feature as well. We really like Asana but this is a MUST HAVE. If some other tool has this capability and works as well as Asana we will migrate away


We really need this as well