Code snippets in Asana

Absolutely +1! Will be really great to add tech notes and POC codes in the task´s description

why is this taking so long to implement!  Seems like a no-brainer.

Slack style please, code blocks single lines


This would be a very welcome addition! Slack style would be fantastic.

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+1 for ability to add code.

+1 to ```!

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+10 for Markdown support

Why is Asana dev team silent on this. This is such a basic requirement for any technical team using Asana. The monospace option is very non-standard and so easy to forget. Why not implement the standard of backticks?
single line code snippet: <some code>
multi line code snippet:

x = 1;
y = x + 1;
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we need this

+1! We are need this feature.
C’mon, guys! 2 years? Really? Do something. Our developers are unhappy by using Asana. JIRA has this feature, btw.

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+1 to ```
Pretty darn basic!

+1 for us too. 10 people here in need of this.
Huge preference for backticks :

inline with code and blocks with

const feature = 'awesome';

Well exactly like here on the forum…

Yes! Please add GitHub style Markdown. This is absolutely critical to have in a ticketing system for the tech industry.

This is two years old now and Asana still doesn’t have this?

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I find it surprising that Asana doesn’t have this feature as it seems a no brainer for dev teams

I also think this should be linked with Markdown and possibly Syntax Highlighting


I’m also very surprised that this was not supported in a good way. I really expected that kind of basic functionality when we decided to pay for Asana.
Even more disappointing that you haven’t bothered with this after two years.

Funny how they have code blocks here on the forums but not in the main product :expressionless:

After reading this, my guess is Asana doesn’t use Asana to build Asana.


haha, legend.

+1 for developers!

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