Code snippets in Asana

Thank you, Alex! Can’t wait!

@Marie I’ve been eagerly refreshing every day but no announcement yet. Should we expect this in a matter of days/weeks/months?

@Wouter_van_Heijst, I’d recommend to Follow our Announcements category to keep up to date with what’s new in Asana! 📨 - #5, this will you’ll be automaticlaly notified by email when the announcement is posted. This launch got slightly delayed, but providing everything goes well, it should roll out with 1-2 weeks!


Thank you for this announcement, I am really looking forward, my dev team cannot wait any long!

Still no code snippet support in… its annoying to make screenshots of code to post it readable

This comment editor has more functionality than asana. quoting, blockquote, preformatted text, ...but hey we have stickers in asana.


Yeah please add code snippet support!

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As a software engineer, I often need to post code snippets in the description or comments section of a task. It’d be great to have code blocks like slack, where you can use backticks to surround your code you’d like to post and it’d post in a code block with a shaded background to respect formatting and highlight the code.

Hi @Katie_Coleman, welcome to the Asana Community Forum and thanks for your feedback! We already have a thread on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread to centralize feedback.

Please do this guys. I want to be able to use backticks in the comments of a task and it being displayed as a code block.

THE PEOPLE WANT IT, what are you waiting for??

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Have been testing both Asana and Monday for the last week at my company and lack of code snippets is what finally pushed be away from Asana. In particular, that people have been asking for it since at least 2017! If anyone at Asana sees this, feel free to email me if/when this has been implemented, and I would be happy to reconsider using this product

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I was trying to figure out how to do markdown or some sort of code blocks when I came across this thread. Unbelievable that time would be put into animated unicorns but not this most basic of features. Please, make it happen.


Don’t forget that time was put into achievements as well! Meanwhile, markdown, task templates, subtasks on the timeline, and not decoupling subtasks when the parent task is copied are all still confounding.

How is this not implemented yet? This is table stakes for a product targeting software teams.


I would also like to see this feature. I mean you can do it here in the discord forum. It shouldn’t be that difficult to copy & paste code snippets, considering that this has been implemented literally in a few dozen libraries and textarea editors!

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:raised_hand: Checking in on this from my comment in 2019. Please implement some day

still not implemented. the same PAIN everyday. for over THREE years.

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Could we get a status update for this one please? :pray:

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We are new team migrating to Asana. We like it so far but lack of proper code snippet support is really lacking.
Markdown is supported here in the forum :grin:.


Please add markdown support including language-specific highlighting.