Clone Subtask with Multiple Assignees Using Zapier

Hi Everyone!

I am new to Zapier (previously used Integromat) and Asana (previously used Wrike). So, I am having difficulties designing a Zapier flow for my use case.

Essentially, I want to pull the followers of a task and assign them as subtask assignees for review stages for my team. Since a (sub)task can only have one assignee, I need to figure out how to separate the ID/GID pulled from the follower field and then clone my subtask per how many IDs there are.

Has anyone done something similar? I would love some suggestions. Thanks!


You can use a web hook action step in Zapier to call the Asana API as many times as needed to create the subtasks, that’s probably the easiest. You’ll need a loop in Zapier. Were you going down that road? To be honest, that’s not easy (but not impossible :muscle: )


Hadn’t thought of that yet! I’ll try it out :crossed_fingers:

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