Chronological order in my upcoming tasks

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: It would be very useful if in my upcoming tasks I could see the tasks in chronological order by default.
It’s so uncomfortable to use the “due date” function because I lose the display of fields “today” and “upcoming” (all tasks are matched toghether in a single long list).

Steps to reproduce: Everything happens in my task page

Browser version: Any

Upload screenshots below:

HI @Salvatore_Pagano :wave:t3: and welcome to the Forum!

You’re completely right, as it stands tasks in your Upcoming Section are ordered so the last task created or moved into this section is at the top. I completely understand how useful it would be to have them ordered in chronological order; while I can’t promise when this will be implemented, I’ll make sure to keep you posted on this thread as soon as I have an update!