China access - Asana blocked?



Anyone successfully using Asana in China? Having major connectivity issues without a VPN.



Users in China, generally, may have trouble accessing cloud-based services. For that reason, companies with a globally distributed workforce - using web applications like Asana - often implement networking technologies and configurations like VPN, secure shell (SSH) tunneling, and proxy servers, in order to serve users from multiple geographic locations.

Ultimately, any company serving workers in mainland China will have to find a solution that works best for them.

Wish I had better news for you though it sounds like setting up a VPN is the best way to do so!


China is doubling down on it’s control of unregulated VPN’s, it will only get harder to use SaaS based outside of mainland China now and in the future.

More specifically it appears that has been blocked in the last few weeks. Asana uses them to serve us Asana.

I have been a customer of Asana for a years, but the gradual degradation of service has reached the point of no return for me as a customer. Asana clearly has no plan for expansion to mainland China, and I am looking to move on as it’s severely affecting the ability for me team to use the product.

The product is great, a little too unstructured for the calibre and org ability of the people in my team, but that’s not Asana’s fault.

Simply put, we are too small of a customer segment for them to expend resources to support us. Again, not Asana’s fault, some things are simply a matter of geography.

In the interim, I recommend looking at bleeding edge proxy services to solve your immediate problems. I also recommend going through HK for your traffic.


Hi,I’m a project manager from China.I wonder if you can contact with me to talk about the spread of Asana in China.

Look forward to your reply!


Asana Release Notes, September 2018

Hi @Will_Z and thanks for reaching out! We already have a thread on this topic, so I have gone ahead and merged your post with this main thread. Have a look at Michael’s reply for the latest details regarding Asana in China.


I am a project manager from a Chinese company that specializes in providing project management information services.Our company has always focused on project management systems for the engineering and manufacturing industries.Now, we believe that the future of the project management system for R&D projects is a hot demand.Therefore, our company wants to get in touch with Asana to seek cooperation in promoting China.
Look forward to your reply.