Chart data labels need more design work

Chart data labels on Donut charts within a project dashboard could do with some more design work. There are quite a few design choices that make the readability of this information quite difficult. I realise that this is a relatively new feature but these do need addressing for the long term usage.

The key areas are:
Labels and the lines in relation to the number
Colour combination choices failing accessibility guidelines

Label lines
Below you can see a Donut chart with a few small segments. As you can see the label lines are intersecting with the chart itself and are hard to trace back to their origin segment. Note that this was taken when viewed from the Dashboard at ‘Half size’, although ‘Full size’ has the same issue.


When using the 'view larger button, the line readability does get a bit better but sort of defeats the point of being able to visually see a lot of different charts quickly:

Colour combination - accessibility failure
This chart uses the same colour designation for all the options within the field constraint, yet the chart uses black text and white text, randomly?:

The white on grey colour combo fails an accessibility contrast check.

Oddly enough, the labelling of the smaller segments is much easier to read here as the number corresponding to the segments are more aligned with the segment they are referencing. The issue seems to be segments closer to the 12 o’clock mark.

Another example of colour combo issues is with the below:

The sections marked 28, 22 and 14 are all incredibly hard to read and all fail accessibility contrast checks.


I know that the issue of text colour selection was originally raised in the announcement of the feature and that was noted in one of the replies, so maybe this is already being worked on. Useful to see the accessibility results attached to this though.

Regarding the data labels for smaller segments, I did ask a question on that thread about what happens to the smaller segment data labels, but it went unanswered.

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You make excellent points. I would also add that text size needs review and correction as well; e.g. in “View larger” mode, the text should scale with the donut chart at least partially.

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