Changing Field Type from Numerical to Function

I recently upgraded from a basic, legacy plan to Advanced. I want to take advantage of the customizability and replace some of the numerical fields with functions. Example:

The following fields are hard-coded as numerical values:
Revenue - $1,000
Agency Fee - 10%
Gross Profit - $100

I want to hard-code the Revenue & Agency Free and have a function automatically calculate the Gross profit.

Problem: I have several years worth of sales history on my Campaign Board and I don’t want to override my legacy data.

Question: How can I change my fields from numerical to custom functions without deleting data or having duplicates of each value?

Welcome, @Mason_Breeding,

It’s not actually possible to change the type of a custom field so your only options for fields that need a new type are:

  1. Create a new field of the correct new type and then copy the values from existing tasks’ original field to the new field (this can be sped up by sorting and multi-selecting sometimes). And . . .
  2. Either now remove the old field, or just leave it there. If you leave it, you may want to at least hide it in List view. If you remove it, it would be good to update all values to empty first; that will more fully remove it from tasks.



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