Change Workspace admin

Hi! I have a couple of questions revolving around workspace admin ownership*.

  1. (some context:) This all started when we noticed that we cannot add/remove people from the workspace and this is what we see on our homepage:

Do you have any idea as to why?

  1. Is it possible to change the admin of a workspace? The previous owner is no longer connected with our organization and the email address she used to create it is no longer accessible. :disappointed_relieved:

Follow up question
If it’s not possible, is there a way to completely transfer all projects from one workspace to another?

:crossed_fingers: Thanks in advance! :sparkles:

Hi @Rich7 :wave:t3:

  1. Your screenshot seems to indicate that this member is a Limited Access Members. If you’d like this person to be able to remove/add members of your workspace, you’ll need to make them full member. More info in this article from our guide.
  2. First of all, please note that the Admin feature is only available with paid plans :slight_smile: When the current Admin is still active, you can easily re-assign admin ownership in-product (see the steps here), however in your case, since the Admin has left your company, you will need help from our support team. here are the steps to reach out to them.

Hope this helps, @Rich7 but let me know if you have any follow-up questions!