[Change] Upcoming changes to stories


We’re making a change to member_added stories. These stories are created when a user (and soon teams!) is added to a project and show up as notifications in the Inbox page.

Once teams are allowed as members of projects (more information here), the member of a story could be either a user or a team as a resource_type.

Who is affected

You might be interested in these changes if your application reads stories. For example:

  • Fetching all stories that have a project as a parent
  • Fetching a particular story by id

This could be a breaking change if your application assumes that the member.resource_type field is always set to user.


This change impacts member_added stories for projects (resource_subtype: “member_added”). These stories have an optional member.resource_type field which previously could only be user. Going forward, member.resource_type could be either user or team. See examples below.

Affected endpoints include:

  • GET /projects/:project_gid/stories
  • GET /stories
  • GET /stories/:story_gid

Note: Some of these endpoints are not documented, though our logging shows they are used by some apps. We plan to document them in the near future.


GET /stories/160130?opt_fields=resource_subtype,subtype,member

        "gid": "160130",
        "member": {
            "gid": "75604",
            "resource_type": "user"
        "resource_subtype": "member_added",
        "subtype": "project_member_added"

GET /stories/160435?opt_fields=resource_subtype,subtype,member,member.name

        "gid": "160435",
        "member": {
            "gid": "75631",
            "resource_type": "team",
            "name": "Marketing"
        "resource_subtype": "member_added",
        "subtype": "project_member_added"



  • Only users can be added to projects.

May 1st – Early Access

  • Gradual rollout of teams memberships begins for specific workspaces which have requested it

July 15th – General Access

  • Team memberships are available for all Asana customers

Questions & Feedback

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns about how this change may affect your app.

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