Change account owner

I’m now Admin of company account. I want to invite new user and change from my account to him.

Please help.

I think you should contact the support.

Go to Asana Support - Help Center • Asana, into “Having Trouble With” and then below you will find a “Still can’t find an answer” button.

@Marie is it possible in the interface?

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Hi @Tunyalit_Karnjanakul and welcome to the Forum!

You should be easily able to re-assign Admin rights to your colleague under the “Administration” tab of your Organization Settings. More info in this handy article: :slight_smile:


Looks like the link changed to: Admin Console • Asana Product Guide

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It has, thanks for posting the updated version @Doug_Reith :raised_hands:t3:

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Hello ! The link doesn’t seem to work.

It does now.