Cant't sync Team Calendar to Google Calendar

Team calendar cannot be synchronized with google calendar. Only one project can be synchronized at a time. Extremely slow operation.

Hi @Roberto_Fortunato and welcome to the Forum! :wave:

Just to be completely sure, are you trying to sync a Project Calendar or a Team calendar with your Google Calendar?

As it stands, it’s not possible to sync a Team Calendar with your Google Calendar, it is only possible to sync Project Calendar.

We already have a few threads in the Community Forum regarding this topic. If you haven’t yet, I would suggest to add your vote to any of those threads.

My colleague @Marie has recently written a voice of customer report and this feature was included to be considered by our Product Team; I don’t have any updates just yet but will make sure to update the main post as soon as I do.

Sorry about the trouble! I hope this helps!

Thansk Natalia, i will wait the change with sync Team calendar.