Can't remove template tasks :(

Hi everyone,

I’ve started using template tasks yesterday and realised that I have no idea how to delete them. I created a task and then everytime I wanted to change it, I clicked “reopen”, changed it and then made it into a template again. Now I’ve realised I’ve got lots of templates as it wasn’t the old ones that changed, it created new ones I made changes. Asana says I can’t create any more templates but how to I remove the old ones? I thought that removing the relevant tasks which I used to create them in the first place might help, but only two of these tasks are mentioned in my project. So basically there isn’t anywhere obvious where I can delete some of these templates.
Please attached the screenshot and thanks in advance for any pointers!


Hi @Sofia,

When you open a task template to edit it, there is a “Delete template” button in the lower left corner:

hey Phil, thanks, can I ask how you got to this screen? I can seem to get here.

See if this screen recording helps: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Wow got it, thanks so much Phil, appreciated!! Have a lovely weekend.

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