Can't Get Response Body from Modal Form

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Hello I’m trying to add a modal form, and I’m not able to get anything in the response body when I submit the form.

let json_form = {
“metadata”: {
“fields”: [
“error”: “Please review and change your input”,
“id”: “single_line_text_field_1”,
“is_required”: true,
“is_watched”: true,
“name”: “Resource name”,
“placeholder”: “Enter the full title of the resource here”,
“type”: “single_line_text”,
“value”: “Annual Kick-Off Meeting”,
“width”: “full”
“submit_button_text”: “Submit This”,
“title”: “Y Mortgage”,
“on_submit_callback”: “”,
“on_change_callback”: “
“template”: “form_metadata_v0”

app.get(‘/asanamodal’, (req,res) => {

})‘/submitmodal’, (req,res) => {
console.log(“Form Submitted!”)

let attachment_response = {
resource_name: “I’m an Attachment”,
resource_url: “

The form also shows like it’s still loading something when I submit.


I think I’m just missing something. I also don’t understand why my only response option is to add an attachment to the task?