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I am extremely frustrated with the product generally right now because I cannot figure out the overall architecture of the system. I’m the CEO of our company and I want to be able to understand how it’s set up for our organization. I’m told… via support email, an answer to which you can get few couple hours… that we have multiple “divisions” in our organization, though no one intended to do this and I can’t see them. I tried sales but the sales person didn’t have this information. The bottom line is I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO OPTIMALLY STRUCTURE OUR ORG OR OR PLAN OR BUDGET FOR MEMBERSHIPS. This product seems useful to me personally but I’ve been playing with it for about a week and I’m about to drop it as an option for our organization because I can’t get this seemingly extremely fundamental information.

Hello @crane_user
As a start I recommend having a look at this thread to understand the differences between workspace, org, division: What I learned about divisions 😅

Apart from that I am not sure how much you have learned or set up already. Here are the key onboarding resources compiled: 📌 How to get started with Asana? - A Guide from A to Z
Maybe that is of help too?


Maybe I can ask a question or two that, when answered, can give me a foundation for figuring out the rest.

If I set up a business membership myself (so I can use goals), will everyone who joins the org also have a business membership?

If the answer is yes, I don’t want that to happen. I’ve gleaned I can maybe use divisions to avoid this. If that’s true, how can I get control or at least visibility of our divisions?

Thank you.

Hi @crane_user

No, because it seems your situation is:

  • a free organization
  • with paid divisions

meaning that anyone who freely joins the Asana organization falls into the free org.
A user then have to be invited by a division administrator to access a division, so you control who you pay for.

So if you create a new Business division, you’ll control who joins it and the number of licences.
As @Andrea_Mayer mentionned, you can find more info in the article I wrote on divisions: What I learned about divisions 😅

Asana support should be able to tell you more about existing divisions.

As Asana Solution Partner, I can probably help you.
You can write me in PM (, I will need for example the domain name of your company and your email address. We can also schedule an appointment if needed.

Divisions are often interesting in very large groups with many very separate entities, which do not necessarily collaborate with each other. Depending on the size of your company, it might be interesting to see if there is any point in having the multiple divisions you seem to have, as divisions do not always facilitate collaboration.



Thank you! Sent a message.

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