Cannot Access My Tasks

Hello, I am currently having issues accessing ‘My Tasks’ and I was hoping someone could help me resolve the issue.

Thank you!

Hi @Terrence_Williams,

  1. Are you seeing an error message? If not, can you describe what happens when you try to access your My Tasks?

  2. Can you try logging from an incognito/private window and let me know if the issue persists?

  3. Could you also try logging into your account from another browser? Are you experiencing the same issue?

I tried logging in from incognito and another browser but I am still having the same issue

This error screen would appear if you are trying to access a task that is not allowed to be accessed by you.

Are you getting the same error when you click on My Tasks?


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Yes this is happening on the ‘My Tasks’ screen

Also, my homepage and inbox will not load however, all other pages seem to be working.

Again, I’ve tried to resolve the issue using a different browser as well as incognito.

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@Terrence_Williams, could you share a full screenshot including your browser URL to help me investiagte this further? Thanks for your help!

Thanks for the follow-up Terrence,

I’ll file a task for our team to investigate (please not I have removed your email address from the screenshot for security reasons).

Could you just verify if you can access the “Sort” settings and if your My Task is sorted by anything? If it is, there is a chance that removing the sort could resolve the issue.

Keep me posted, and I’ll let you know as soon as I have an update on my end!

Okay, just tried that. Using ‘sort’ only made certain tasks visible the rest still are not appearing. Also, my inbox is still having issue
Screen Shot 2020-09-24 at 8.57.59 AM|690x368

Thanks for sharing these additional details @Terrence_Williams, I’ve filed a task for our team to investigate, I’ll be in touch as soon as I have update!

@Terrence_Williams, I’ve escalated this task internally and since we require additional info to investigate this issue (including some personal info that can’t be shared in the Forum), our support team will take over. I believe they’ve already reached out to you via email, so marking this resolved from the Forum side, but don’t hesitate to reach out if I can help with anything else!

Hi Marie,

I have not yet received an email, I will wait for them to reach out.

Hi @Terrence_Williams, and so sorry about that! That does sounds strange, I can see the email on my end. Could you run a quick search in your Inbox with the following criteria:

Email title: A Message from Asana Support
Sender email:
Date: Friday 25th of September
Time: 11:33 am GMT

I’ll ask my team to send it again, just in case the first one got stuck somewhere but if you find it in the meantime, that’s even better!

I believe I found the message and sent a reply.

Thanks again, Marie!

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