Can you please port the Chrome Asana extension to Safari?

Apparently, Apple has made it much easier for developers to port Chrome extensions to Safari in Big Sur. As a dedicated Safari user, I would love to see this! Pretty please?

Hi @Chris_Kresser and thank you so much for sharing this request! I’ve gone ahead and forwarded it to our Product team! I’ll keep you posted here when I have an update on this topic!

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@Chris_Kresser it’s actually possible for us plebes to do this. I was able to port the Notion extension from Chrome to Safari and it has worked great. I’m going to try to port the Asana extension next week and I’ll follow-up here if it works and with a short tutorial video.

This is badly needed.

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Hi. I just want to check if there is any actions on this ?


give us the safari extension please!