Can you edit default fields for all projects?

Hello! Is it possible to edit the default fields that appear in all projects? And what is my best option for adding a new default field to all existing projects?

Example: I am trying to add “Effort” as a default for all projects, regardless whether they are preloaded templates or blank projects. My team recently upgraded to Asana Business account and we’re looking to take advantage of the workload feature - I’d love to take out a manual step to encourage everyone to use this.

I realize I can create a template and ask people to use it, but again, it seems like an extra step to remember every single time.

Thanks in advance, and sorry if I missed this somewhere in the Forum or Guide! :pray:

Hi @Anggg and thank you for reaching out!

Great questions! It is possible to create and edit a global Custom Field to use it across all projects in you Organization.

I hope this helps @Anggg! Please let me know if you have any follow-up question!

Hi @Natalia, thanks for you reply. I’m specifically hoping that it this field will automatically appear in every project – as in, I’m hoping to editing the default project settings that are applied globally across the organization – and I don’t see that option outlined in those explainers.

I’ve made the field, saved to our library, but I want it to be automatically included along with “Due Date” and “Assignee” as fields that are included in every new project that gets started.

I’m getting the sense that I will have to either choose a template, or ask people to remember to do this every time.

Thank you for the follow-up @Anggg

This is not possible at the moment. When you create a global Custom fields, they become available to use across the whole Organization but they won’t appear by default in every new project you create. You would need to manually add them to each project.

I believe that the best option here would be to create a Template that includes those Custom Fields and use it for every new project you want to create. You can find more information on the following Guide article:

I hope this helps Angela! Have a great weekend!

Hi @Natalia,

we have the same problem here. Is there a possibility for you to adapt existing projects per DB?

Best Regards,